wrath-rainbows-logoI created Wrath and Rainbows as a hub to scratch my itch for pop culture and writing. I envisioned it as a place to gush about the things that interested me, and express myself in whatever way I saw fit. Turns out that I do not enjoy writing about pop culture. Consuming it is great. Talking about it is wonderful. Actually writing up my thoughts on it? No thanks.

That is when I got the idea to do a weekly podcast where I could talk about the entertainment I consume in an informal way. I recruited my wife to co-host the show, and soon the true focus of Wrath and Rainbows was born. Each week we review two things followed up with a personal recommendation from each of us.

You can still find some of my writing about pop culture on Wrath and Rainbows. You can even see some of my old poetry. But the main draw is the podcast, and I am really proud of the final product. The show is on hiatus for the time being, but we plan on bringing it back. It is fun to do together, and gives us an outlet to express ourselves.  I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy making it.

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