Tony Hawk Breaks Down Skateboarding Movies

This is super good. Tony Hawk talks about skateboarding in various movies. His insight into the skateboarding and those involved in the stunts is fascinating.

Shredders – Ayeyayaya

Shredders kill it. If you are into hip-hop and have not checked them out, do yourself a favor.

Wendy [Trailer]

This movie looks dope.

The Witcher [Trailer]

I hope this show does not let me down, because I am so excited for it.

Pup – See You At Your Funeral

The latest video from Pup is a bit weirder than usual, but the song is one of my faves from the album.

The Kindness of Strangers [Trailer]

I will go see Zoe Kazan in anything.

Chance The Rapper – Hot Shower

Chance is probably my favorite rapper currently in hip-hop. This video shows his skill and humor. It is great.

Julien Baker – Tokyo

A beautiful song by one of the best songwriters out there.

Bloodshot [Trailer]

Marvel and DC get most of the coverage when it comes to shared comic universes, but Valiant needs to be part of the conversation. I am excited for their first foray into film. I hope it is awesome, and makes enough money to continue to give audiences more of Valiant’s cool characters and stories.

Masked Intruder – No Case

The opening track off Masked Intruder’s killer album from earlier this year.