Rick Rude - Mauve Talk

I probably will not always have a lot to say about particular stuff I post. Sometimes the song or video just works for me, and I want to remember it. With the amount of releases in this day and age, it is easy to listen and forget. I want to be better at savoring art again.

Happyness. - Falling Down

Another band that I had not heard before, but I really like the buildup of this song. Music has always been a big part of my life, but it has been hitting me in a special way recently. I have been going through some struggles with my mental health, and it has been an anchor of positivity for me.

Islet - Final Drive

This video is a little weird, but I like the song. This was the first thing I listened to today, and it put me in a good mood.

Poppies - Told

If you get past the goofiness at the surface of this video, you will find a tragic story with a poignant message for everyone. I had not heard of Poppies before this. You can be certain that I am a big fan now.

Pup - Sleep In The Heat

Pup released my favorite album of 2016. Sleep In The Heat is my favorite track on the album. The video is great, and a perfect intro to anyone who does not know the band.

Lil Uzi Vert - You Was Right

I am uncertain about my feelings for this new crop of young hip-hop artists. I think I might just be getting old. However, the aesthetic and style that many of these artists exude is undeniably intriguing. This video is a perfect example of the weird mix of pop culture that artists like Lil Uzi Vert incorporate into their music.

David Bazan - Trouble With Boys

I have been a fan of David Bazan since Pedro the Lion's first EP on Tooth and Nail Records. He wears his heart and his life on his sleeve, and it shows how powerfully music can affect its audience. This video showcases Bazan singing to his daughter through tears. It is emotional, and the message resonates even more in these post election times.

Julie Byrne - Natural Blue

I am ashamed to say that at one point in my life I wrote off most music with female vocals. I blame it on my own narrow mindedness and the prevalent sexism in our culture. Luckily, I have matured from those days, and do not limit myself to artists of one specific mold. I bring that up to say that this song is beautiful and stirring, and one that I would have missed in my younger years. Do not be an idiot like me.

The Smith Street Band - Death to the Lads

The Smith Street Band continue to release fun music. This video features their moms filling in for the band members. It is hilarious, and showcases much of what makes this group so great.

Run The Jewels - 2100 feat. Boots

Killer Mike and El-P are two of the most relevant figures in hip-hop right now. Their rhymes are excellent, backed by incredible beats and poignant themes. This track comes from their upcoming album. It proves that they have not lost their knack, and provides some great discourse for our current political climate.