Train to Busan [Trailer]

I watched this movie the other night with Heather. It was awesome.

A Cure for Wellness [Trailer]

Creepy. Mysterious.  I am in.

Mary and the Witch's Flower [Trailer]

From veterans of Studio Ghibli. That is all I need to know.

The Belko Experiment [Trailer]

This movie looks like it will be crazy fun. Maybe fun is not the right word.

Attraction [Trailer]

A weird sci-fi movie trailer out of Russia. The aliens look really cool.

Ghost in the Shell [Trailer]

I know there is controversy surrounding this movie and the whitewashing of its main character. I think those aggrieved by it are totally justified. There needs to be more representation in Hollywood for everyone. That aside, the imagery in this trailer is killer. I was not sure that I cared about this movie, but I think I am sold now.

Wonder Woman [Trailer]

At this point, I am over superhero movies. However, there is something about seeing Wonder Woman kick ass that appeals to a visceral part of me. It is about time that a female hero gets her own big budget film. I hope this movie does great, both critically and monetarily.

Solace [Trailer]

With this cast and the suspense that the trailer pulls off, I went from never hearing of Solace to its release date not coming soon enough.