Wendy [Trailer]

This movie looks dope.

First Pass – Week of November 1st, 2019

Every Friday is new music release day. I dig through new release lists from sources like All Music, Metal Injection, Pitchfork, and Bandcamp to put together a queue of releases from bands and labels that might interest me. As I listen through the list, I add the stand out albums to a playlist for revisiting. This list is what I refer to as the First Pass. Some of the albums make it to my best of the month playlists. Others get tossed upon further review. Below is a list of albums from this week that made the first pass.

The Witcher [Trailer]

I hope this show does not let me down, because I am so excited for it.

Pup – See You At Your Funeral

The latest video from Pup is a bit weirder than usual, but the song is one of my faves from the album.