Jordan Weiss

Were you one of the lucky people to see the incredible television series Man Seeking Woman? If so, Dollface is for you. It has a similar surreal style of comedy that seamlessly works into the overall world and narrative of the story.

The series revolves around a recently single woman trying to reconnect with her girlfriends. I love the strong female cast. It is a perspective that is often overlooked in media. The actors have great chemistry. There is a diverse set of personalities on the screen, making it easy to relate. The humor is excellent, and I love that the show does not fall into expected tropes. The second to last episode of the season is also a spoof / homage to The Wizard of Oz. That gives bonus points to anything in my book.

I have no complaints about Dollface. I enjoyed the Hulu series from start to finish. Heather and I were laughing together at scenes, making it an even better viewing experience. The show is refreshing, relevant, and well done. If you like the series, and have not seen Man Seeking Woman, be sure to check that one out too.