Doctor Sleep

Mike Flanagan

I should probably start out by saying that I am not the biggest fan of The Shining. I read the book and thought it was okay. I was let down by some of the over the top elements like the living hedges. I saw the Kubrick film as an adult, and felt it was too long and drawn out. The trailer for Doctor Sleep had me worried that it was going to throw a bunch of different elements together that would never click to form a cohesive story.

After watching it, I was pleasantly surprised. The disparate elements within the trailer made sense in the context of the whole movie. It never felt unbalanced or like wild ideas were being introduced out of place with everything else. Ewan McGregor is great in the leading role. His acting prowess helps to ground the movie, and his interactions with the various characters come off as authentic and meaningful. I enjoyed the antagonists way more than expected. Rose The Hat is a strong character, and her band of magic vampires are eclectic and intriguing.

I have seen several reviews talk about how the movie was too long or that it was boring. I never felt that way. I was engaged throughout the entire film. There were a few places that I was genuinely caught off guard by the direction of the plot. In fact, there were several times as I was watching that I thought to myself, “I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this.” The movie might not be for everyone, but in a happy turn of events, it is definitely a movie for me.