A couple of months ago, I decided to create an Instagram account again. I noticed that I had stopped using my camera as much after I deleted my original account. Without anywhere to share my photos, it made it hard to want to take them in the first place. I missed getting out and taking pictures.

I created a new account, and started to post photos. I began to create some small reviews to stick in my Instagram stories (like the ones in the bottom of this post). Heather and I began to go out on photo shoots again. I followed photographers, models, and artists. It was a lot of fun at first. Then it stopped being fun.

I started to get anxiety about the whole experience. I had connected with cool people, but those connections lacked depth. It ended up making me feel lonelier than before. When I got sick or felt depressed, it would get me down even more when I missed posting or got behind on my feed. I could see all the negatives of social media creeping back in full force. Many of the reasons why I had originally left.

I deleted my account again. I know it is the best thing for me and my mental health. However, I am back to having nowhere to post my photography. I have not used this site for much. I set it up and let it sit for a couple years. I am thinking about using it more; to post photos, to give me an excuse to mess around making more mini-reviews, to share things I think are shareable.

Without any mechanisms for interaction, this site is purely for me. It is an outlet. It is a form of expression that does not mess with my brain chemistry the way that social media has. At least, I think it is different. I could be wrong. I might try it and feel the same way. All that to say, I might be posting more around here. I have been tweaking things a bit in the past week. It has been fun. If it stays that way, this site may no longer be a graveyard. I am not guaranteeing anything.